Information on the current situation

Minimum distance

  • is 1.5 metres

Compulsory masks

Masks are compulsory for all visitors over the age of 7. Please wear an FFP2 or OP mask.

It exists where the minimum distance cannot be maintained:

  • in all lifts
  • the hands-on laboratory "Research Journey
  • the "Journey into the Light" in the America Hall
  • at all staffed educational events (e.g. guided tours)
  • in the shop/at the cash desk

Wearing a mask is recommended in the remaining exhibition areas.

Contact tracing

  • You can come whenever you like within our opening hours and do not need to book in advance.
  • You can check in via the Corona alert app and Pass4all

Prior testing

  • is no longer necessary.

Passenger caps

  • only apply to the lifts
  • Are not set in the rest of the exhibition.


  • Disinfectant dispensers are available at the entrance.
  • Cough and sneeze etiquette still applies.
  • Covid-19 sufferers and those who test positive will not be admitted.