3 – 31 October, 10 am – 5 pm

Capricorn, Cactus, Gecko - Who's where?

Kangaroos in Australia, cactus in the desert, river dolphins in China or ibexes in the Alps - they all live near to famous mineral deposits. Take a special journey around the world at terra mineralia. Here you will learn in an exciting search game the most fascinating minerals from the most beautiful places in the world and find out which animals and plants occur there.

Diversity on my doorstep

On Wednesday, August 15, the new project "Diversity on my doorstep!" will start at terra mineralia. In this, children from the Freiberger primary school, explore the impact of human activity on the diversity of plants and animals on our doorstep. Together with experts of the terra mineralia, they go on an excursion to the habitats forest, meadow and ocean. Here they explore, observe and document the changes over the seasons. The results of the excursions present the children in small display cases in the traveling exhibition. 

So far, 15 children from the day-care center "Spielhaus" have registered. As this is an open offer, other interested researcher children can also participate in the project. The weekly gatherings take place after the first meeting every Monday at 2:30 pm. The children then go on an excursion under then go on an excursion under the guidance of NABU members or visit terra mineralia to design their showcases.

"Diversity on my doorstep!" is funded by the "Museum macht stark" of the Deutschen Museumsbund within the framework of "Kultur macht stark" by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The terra mineralia cooperates with the NABU Freiberg and the day-care center "Spielhaus".

The project with the Freiberger primary school children is a supplemet to the traveling exhibition "Diversity counts!", which will be shown in the terra mineralia form 18 September 2018 to 27 January 2019.

More information at the Information desk of the terra mineralia (Mo-Do 10am-3:30pm) under 03731 394654 or