"CSI Freiberg. A murder mystery in terra mineralia"

Special exhibition from 12 April to 27 August 2017

It was to be a special night for a few selected guests. Professor Kathrin Berg, internationally recognized expert on rare earth elements at the Freiberg University of Mining and Technology, invited her closest colleagues and partners to report on her spectacular discovery in Madagascar and introduce them to her project. Weeks later, she planned to present her findings at an international conference in South America. But this was not to be. Because Kathrin Berg was murdered - in the terra mineralia!

Why should the public know nothing of her discovery? What role do the rare elements play? Did the professor unwittingly put herself in danger when she discovered a new deposit and moreover proposed alternative mining methods? Who wished to thwart her plans? Who was behind it? Perhaps someone put a hit out on Professor Berg? But who?

"CSI Freiberg. A murder mystery in terra mineralia" is an exciting, eventful and interactive exhibition, where visitors become the detectives. At twelve stations across the museum, such as the police laboratory, her apartment and her office, visitors will get to know the suspects and identify the killer. Was it the mining engineer - for fear of competition? Or was it the local politician from Madagascar who wanted to prevent the mining of unspoilt nature at all costs in the interest of tourism? Could it have been the lover of Kathrin Berg - also a professor - who wanted to become famous himself? While visitors search for the answers to these questions, they will simultaneously delve deeper and deeper into the world of rare earth elements.

Visitors will discover that rare earth elements are crucial to human survival, used in almost every aspect of our lives. These 17 metallic elements of the periodic table can be found in computers, smart phones, cars and even in wind turbines. Modern life would be impossible without them. Rare earth element global economic policy is an exciting subject, which concerns us all. And in our museum this issue becomes a criminal case.

Younger visitors of ages 6 and up have their own crime to solve. They help Gecko Gustav, a lizard from Madagascar and pet of Professor Berg, to search for his missing stone.

Be there and solve the mystery of Professor Kathrin Berg. The investigation begins 12th April 2017.

The special exhibition "CSI Freiberg. A murder mystery in terra mineralia" is funded by the Fellowship Program of the International Museum of the German Federal Cultural Foundation.


Adults 12,00 €
Student groups 6,00 €
Families 25,00 €
Adult groups 9,00 €
Groups of school children and students 5,00 €


Mon - Fri, 10 am - 5 pm
(On request, the exhibition may be opened to school groups from 9 am or earlier.)
Sat - Sun, 10 – 6 pm
and on public holidays

School program for the special exhibit
"CSI Freiberg. A murder mystery in terra mineralia"

The terra mineralia has become the scene of a murder. In the midst of beautiful minerals, the body of a renowned scientist was discovered - an expert on rare earth elements. Why did she have to die? Who is behind the murder? And what does all this have to do with rare earth elements, mining and the global economy? Students embark on the search for the murderer and learn about rare earth elements and their use and integration as a global resource.

Geography curriculum Secondary School Grade 8 - Life in the One World. Secondary School Grade 11 (Basic Course) - Global disparities and interlacing. Resources and their utilisation. Secondary School Grade 11 (advanced course) - Global disparities and interlacing. Utilisation, threats and protection of resources. Duration 2 hrs, run as criminal analysis in groups, followed by discussion. Price 65 euros, plus admission of euros 3 per schoolchild

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