Special Exhibition 2012

"The silver of Freiberg: sweat and greed, power and adornment"

23rd June - 7th October 2012

850 years of Freiberg, silver in five acts

The mining and university town of Freiberg is 850 years old this year. In the long period of its existence the city, region and the whole of Saxony were influenced by a particular element: silver. For many centuries the silver of Freiberg was the great treasure of Saxony and its rulers. During the special exhibition "The silver of Freiberg: sweat and greed, power and adornment” some of these treasures now come back to Freiberg. 

Five locations – one exhibition

Terra mineralia, the visitors mine "Reiche Zeche", "St. Mary’s" cathedral, the Mining Archive Freiberg and the City and Mining Museum present silver in all its facets: from the fascinating, versatile mineral to the century old mining industry and precious art treasures. Famous silver minerals will be on display, such as the silver "corkscrew" from the Senckenberg Natural History Collections in Dresden, the Saigerhüttenpokal from the Green Vault, a hoard of coins found at the Altzella monastery from the Numismatic Collection of Dresden, burgess silver from the Schlossberg Museum in Chemnitz, the Olympic medals of Jens Weißflog and fascinating silver pieces from the mineral collections of TU Bergakademie Freiberg as well as from private collectors. A lot of interesting details about silver will also be available for children and pupils to discover: touch stations, silhouette animations, laboratory and story corners and minting can be explored and tried.