Special Exhibition 2011

"Flying Jewels"

23th April - 28th August 2011

What do butterflies and minerals have in common? Fascinating shapes and magical colours. The overwhelming exhibition „Flying Jewels", on display at the terra mineralia from 23rd of April until 28th of August 2011 features the mineral and entomological collection of Robert Jakob and Markus Klein. Since 1997, they have passionately collected these dissimiliar objects, which in the end delight with their amazing similarities. At the same time, the colours, shapes and structures inspire people to ask all kinds of questions. How are the colours created? How is possible that the same colours, shapes or structures can be found both in the animate as well as the inanimate world?

For example, the electric blue of the Morpho butterflies from Ecuador can be found in the mineral Labradorite from Canada. In the same way, the gentle green of an African Praying Mantis can been seen in Fuchsite, which one finds in Tirol in Austria. The forms and velvety colour of Geothite is again found in a Red-kneek spider (tarantula). The collectors have put together close to 150 of these unusual pairings. They will be shown from Easter Sunday in the Lecture Hall at the terra mineralia.

"Flying Jewels" in the Research Expedition

colorful experiments to the special exhibition

  • how do colors come out?
  • why minerals are so colorful?
  • who paint the wings of butterflies?
  • how see and hear insects?
  • how orientate butterflies?