AUGUST 13 AND 14, 2019

Does the Montan region Erzgebirge receive the title UNESCO World Heritage? What does the Saxon State Exhibition 2020 " Industry - Culture - Man" show at the satellite location Freiberg? What content does the educational trail between the city and the mine convey? In the school year 2019/2020 you and your pupils will discover interesting innovations in the Freiberg facilities. On this occasion, the Teacher Information Day will take place at the Freiberg Silver Mine. The Freiberg City and Mining Museum and the mineral exhibition terra mineralia will also be presented there.

They will be introduced to the school programmes of the institutions and the integration of the new topics. You can also try out some of the programmes yourself. Discuss experiments, models and museum teaching methods with the responsible staff. Short keynote speeches round off the presentation. Afterwards you will get to know the extracurricular learning venues during a guided tour.

The Visitor’s Mine

The Visitor’s Mine is part of TU Bergakademie Freiberg’s research and teaching mine and is one of Saxony’s most important mines. Visitors can experience historic ore mining up close 150 metres below ground in the Reiche Zeche pit. Specific offerings such as the underground educational trail are targeted at schoolchildren. They’ll learn interesting facts about the history of mining in Freiberg and get to know the geology of the Freiberg deposits, as well as aspects of mining technology.

Contact 03731 394571 or info@besucherbergwerk-freiberg.de.

Underground teaching path at the Visitor's Mine, Photo: Detlev Müller

The Freiberg Municipal and Mining Museum

Ore Mountains and miners, silver treasures and masterpieces – all of these are on show in the museum. Priceless exhibits combine with graphic depictions to invite visitors on a journey of discovery through 850 years of municipal and mining history showing the many aspects of life in Freiberg and the region. An extensive accompanying programme for children and young people tailored to the Saxon curriculum provides materials related to the topics touched on in the exhibition. In this way, the museum represents a unique venue for off-site learning capable of providing stimulus for lessons and contributing to the deeper understanding of taught content.

Contact 03731 202512 or info@museum-freiberg.de.

Little miners at the Freiberg Municipal and Mining Museum, Photo: René Jungnickel

All information about the teacher information day at a glance

Date and event number

August 13 C05318, August 14 C05319


9:30-13:30 hrs


Silberbergwerk Freiberg, Fuchsmühlenweg 9, 09599 Freiberg


The event is free of charge for registered participants admitted by the Landesamt für Schule und Bildung.



The event is approved as further training by the Landesamt für Schule und Bildung

Registration deadline

30 July 2019