Family tour: Night-time in the museum

During Christmas, from November 20 to December 21, visitors of all ages can expect a very special jaunt to the museum. Equipped with headlamp and UV flashlight, the families can explore the exhibition terra mineralia in the dark from 5pm on Wednesdays and from 6pm on Saturdays. There are many fluorescent minerals to discover, which shine in all the different colours.

This particular phenomenon is called luminescence. In the exhibition, there is a special room, called the “Journey into the Light”, where you can admire the “lights” of a mineral. There, selected minerals are irradiated with ultraviolet light. This part of the sunlight has such high energy that it causes sunburn in humans; but for some minerals it stimulates to a special glow. During the exciting tour through the dark exhibition, the families will find out which mineral fluoresces in which colour.

In the “Forschungsreise”, the hands-on lab of the terra mineralia, the kids can follow the phenomenon of fluorescence in detail. In various experiments, they will learn where the ultraviolet light – which is invisible to humans - comes from and what other forces can trigger luminescence.

The effect of fluorescence, after which the mineral fluorite is named, was also researched at the University of Freiberg. The famous Professor Friedrich Mohs, for example, made experiments on fluorescence in 1824.

The family tour “At Night Through the Museum” takes about 90 minutes. You can already sign up. Adults pay 15 euros, children 10 euros, families 35 euros. Further information is available at the Information Desk (Mon-Thu, 10am – 3.30pm) via telephone 03731 394654 or via the e-mail

Important information at a glance:

Dates: Saturdays from 20 November until 21 December 2019, at 6 pm

Duration: approx. 90 minutes

Participation: max. 20 participants per group

Fee: Adults 15 euros, children 10 euros, families 35 euros