Lectures 2019

Thursday, 28 November 2019, 19:30

"Challenges to the phasing out of the brown coal mining in Saxony"

Mr. Christof Voigt, head of the opencast mining department, Saxon Upper Mining Authority
178th Freiberg Colloquium, lecture hall at terra mineralia, Freudenstein Castle

Photo: Christof Voigt, Head of the Opencast Mining Department, Saxon Upper Mining Authority,
Photographer Thomas Kruse, Photographisches Freiberg

Since German reunification and a radical structural change, the extensive legacy of the abandoned brown coal mining in the GDR has been restored to this day with the help of federal and state finances. At present, three Saxon opencast mines, Vereinigtes Schleenhain, Nochten and Reichwalde, are still mining brown coal for power generation. According to the district concepts of the two mining companies MIBRAG and LEAG, brown coal extraction in the Free State of Saxony would thus be completed by the mid-2040s without any influence on the part of the government.

Since January 2019, the Commission "Growth, Structural Change and Employment" appointed by the Federal Government has recommended 2038 as the final and phase-out date for coal-fired power generation. The government is currently working on implementing this recommendation by enacting the relevant laws. Thus, in the target triangle of secure energy supply, structural development of the brown coal regions and limitation of the consequences of long-term climate change, the path towards a premature end to brown coal extraction is also mapped out in the Free State of Saxony.

As the competent authority for the approval and monitoring of opencast brown coal mines by the mining authorities, the Saxon Upper Mining Authority is primarily concerned with the approval processes for the operational plans of brown coal companies to be changed in the course of a premature coal withdrawal, as well as securing the reutilisation of the areas used for mining purposes after the coal extraction has been completed.

Mr. Christof Voigt, head of the opencast mining department, is responsible for the processes in the Saxon brown coal mining in the Saxon Upper Mining Authority and will speak on the developments, current status and upcoming challenges of brown coal mining in the Free State of Saxony at the Freiberg Colloquium.

View of the opencast mine Nochten from the observation tower at Weißwasser, Photo: Julian Nyca, wikipedia.de

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