Join in guided tours for companies, clubs and corporations

Who wouldn’t enjoy an exciting experience filled with amusing activities, with the possibility of admiring beautiful minerals at the same time? The terra mineralia is offering a mineralogical event for companies, clubs and corporations.

Next to a 60 minute guided tour, participants can choose between two interactive activities:

Treasured Minerals

If you participate in this activity, you have to listen very carefully during the guided tour, because, directly after the tour, you will have to use either your knowledge or your gut feeling. You need to outdo the opposing team in answering exciting questions and gathering as many points as possible. The correct solution is revealed through small, interesting experiments.

It looks like …

Minerals are fascinating to look at, and occur in the most bizarre shapes. Just as with cumulonimbus clouds in a blue summer sky, you can discover the most amazing things in the shapes of minerals, for example, melons, fried eggs, French fries, a crown and even a throne. Each team has to find given objects in the display cases. A few little tips will help you along the way... The winning team will be awarded with an attractive mineral.

Fee: 70 € for max. 20 persons. Plus entry fees (6.00 €/person. Group discount from 10 people onwards) Duration: 2 hours. 
You can book your mineralogical event at the information desk at terra mineralia. Contact: 03731 394654 or