Getting into conversation with a real scientist? No problem! The traveling exhibition "Diversity counts!" Makes it possible. A topic of the exhibition is explained in detail and related to recent research in the field of geosciences or mining. The offer is designed dialogically: It should encourage questions and lead to exciting discussions in the group. The exhibition will start with a short keynote speech. Depending on the topic, the scientist shows in the hands-on lab "Forschungsreise" suitable handpieces and rehearsals or short film contributions and photos. Participants are invited to actively participate, to study, discuss and ask questions.


23. and 27.10 .:
"Biodiversity in an acid ocean"

30.10. and 3.11 .:
"I love you, I do not love you, I ... relationship models between plants and insects"

6. and 10.11.:
"Plants as miners - diversity creates profit"

13 and 17.11 .:
"Discover the unknown or how species get their names"

27.11. and 1.12 .:
"Raw materials in the deep sea - An option for the future?"

4. and 8.12.:
"Fossils - evidence of biodiversity in the history of the earth"

8. and 12.01.:
"Water, forest and meadow: historical perception of nature in the documents of the Bergarchiv Freiberg"

15. and 19.01.:
"When is a forest a forest?"

Date: Always on Tuesdays at 5 pm and Saturdays at 4 pm, additional dates for school classes can be booked individually

Costs: entrance to the terra mineralia, no additional costs