Are you interested in minerals and collecting them? Are you between the ages of 7 and 12 years old? Perfect! At our children's club you meet other mineral lovers and learn more about minerals and how to collect them. At the „Research expedition“ (Forschungsreise) of terra mineralia you can make your own discoveries and learn about new minerals. Are you curious? Here you will find the calendar of events. We meet on one Monday per month at 3:30 pm.

The mineralinos are supported by the "I can do something!"-initiative of the Deutsche Telekom.

Programme 2017

Monday, 16 January 2017, 3:30 pm

What is a mineral? What is a mineralino?

terra mineralia mineralinos start 2017 with a fresh approach

On 16 January at 3.30pm we’re getting going again – terra mineralia’s kids club, the mineralinos, are meeting again for the first time in the new year. Under the aegis of Deutsche Telekom’s Ich kann was! (‘I can do it!’) initiative, the kids club is taking a new direction with improved content. Alongside basic mineralogical and geological knowledge, children will in future gain a deeper introduction to collecting.

The initiative’s support means the duration of the monthly meeting can be increased to 90 minutes. This way, the children will have more time get acquainted with minerals such as quartz and its many colourful varieties, gold, or calcite with its countless different crystal forms. Instead of just one there are now three excursions – collecting agates and panning for gold as well as visiting the Freiberg International Mineral Show are all included on the programme. And our visit to the cutting lab and collecting box construction are also aimed at introducing children really practically to the tools of the trade of a real mineral collector. It all follows in the footsteps of our benefactor, Dr Erika Pohl-Ströher, who assembled one of the largest private mineral collections over a period of 60 years.

Ever since 2010, the mineralinos have been offering interested boys and girls from 7 years and upwards the opportunity to learn more about minerals, rocks and collecting. To make joining easier for young collectors who want to take part, we’ll been going over some really basic subject matter on 16 January. The children will get to know each other and their comrades-in-arms; they’ll explore the exhibition; and they’ll learn just what a mineral is exactly. They’ll receive their mineralinos pass along with a collector’s book that they can enter their mineral descriptions in. The meetings will be hosted by two young graduates of the Bergakademie, a mineralogist and a chemist, who’ve both been impassioned mineral collectors for many years themselves.

The Ich kann was! initiative was set up by staff at Deutsche Telekom. It supports programmes and activities that help young people to discover and develop their potential and to put it to use in their everyday lives, actively and self-confidently participating in the life of society. Once a year, the initiative invites applications from across the country for financial sponsorship of projects and facilities. This year, the seventh thus far, more than 700 applications were received. 207 projects were chosen from all over Germany.

The mineralinos meet at the terra mineralia ticket office in Freudenstein Castle. For more information, please contact the Info Desk on 03731 394654 or fuehrungen@terra-mineralia.de. Places for children are free.

Monday, 6 February 2017, 3:30 pm

How are minerals formed?

Bread comes from the baker, sausages from the butcher and presents from Santa Claus. But where do minerals come from? The ‘mineralinos’ of the terra mineralia kids’ club will find out on Monday, 6 February from 3.30pm.

A world without minerals is unthinkable. They serve not only as raw materials, without which our modern civilisation would be impossible, but they also form the ground beneath our feet. Several theories even link them directly to the development of life itself. Without a doubt, they can also be found in the human body. No matter what, we’re constantly surrounded by minerals. The mineralinos will find out how they came to be, and whether new minerals are still being formed. We’ll also explain how you recognise minerals, and how you can identify them correctly, based on their properties.

The mineralinos meet at the terra mineralia ticket office at Freudenstein Castle. For more information, please contact the Info Desk on 03731 394654 or at fuehrungen@terra-mineralia.de. Participation is free.

Monday, 6 March 2017, 3:30 pm

Quartz, the mineral

What do concrete, solar cells and clocks have in common? To make them, you need quartz. It has plenty of other uses, too.

That’s why the ‘mineralinos’ from the terra mineralia kids’ club will be taking a look at the mineral quartz on Monday, 6 March from 3.30pm.

Nearly everyone has come into close contact with quartz at some point, whether in the sandpit or on holiday at the seaside. This is because sand is normally made mostly of this mineral. But it isn’t just for building sandcastles or making flowing fabrics; quartz is also an important material, for both the manufacturing and building materials industries. Specific properties make quartz perfect for a variety of uses. If you take time to study quartz, you will also learn to recognise it. But it’s not all that easy, because quartz can take on various colours: almost anything is possible, from colourless rock crystal and violet amethyst to black morion. By the way, these coloured quartzes are also commonly used as gemstones.

The mineralinos meet at the terra mineralia ticket office at Freudenstein Castle. For more information, please contact the Info Desk on 03731 394654 or at fuehrungen@terra-mineralia.de. Participation is free.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Excursion: Collecting agates in Süßenbach

Dear mineralinos parents,

On Saturday, 25 March 2017 at 9.30am we’d like to go on an excursion with the mineralinos children. This year, we’re travelling to Süßenbach near Weißenborn to look for agates.

Excursion details/schedule

9.30am       Meet on the Weißenborn-Frauenstein road (Frauensteiner Straße) - there’s a large mast at the turn-off for Oberbobritzsch where you can park

9.45am        Walk together to the site (approx 500 metres from the car park)

10am          Hunt for agates

1pm            Event end/collect children from the car park

Your child will need the following items for the excursion:

  • Refreshments, in particular drinks
  • Wellington boots, lined, or with thick, warm socks
  • Waterproof/long trousers you don’t mind getting dirty
  • Warm, weatherproof jacket
  • (Work) gloves
  • Change of clothes
  • Small hammer and safety glasses
  • Brush for cleaning any agate found
  • Packaging material, e.g. old newspapers or pulp
  • Pen and notepad for labelling finds
  • Bag/basket

Without these items, your child will not be allowed to take part in the excursion.

Herr Fandrich, an older, experienced mineral collector and member of the Freiberger Mineralienfreunde e. V. (Freiberg Mineral Friends) society, will be leading the excursion. He’ll be supported by the mineralinos hosts, Michael Gäbelein (mineralogist) und Martin Reiber (chemist). Both are equally passionate mineral collectors. As a parent, you’re welcome to take part in the excursion and assist your child. Please let your child know that they need to follow the hosts’ instructions precisely.

The number of participants is limited to 20 children. Taking part in the excursion is free. Please register your child at the terra mineralia Info Desk (tel. 03731 394654, email fuehrungen@terra-mineralia.de) by Wednesday, 22 March 2017. Please leave your phone number, email and postal address. We need your details so we can get in touch with you in the case of bad weather, and to arrange lift-sharing.

Glück auf!

Christina Seifert
Museum education/events