Holidays at terra mineralia!

During the holidays, fun, enjoyment, and surprises are guaranteed at terra mineralia. Experiments, hands-on activities and exciting stories wait for you!

Winter holidays, 9 February - 3 March, 10 am - 5 pm

It's bubbling in the volcano

Want to know where and how volcanoes erupt? Or what minerals and rocks are formed by the fire mountains? In the terra mineralia, you can dive over the volcanic slide into the land of dark ash clouds and sparkling lava. In the hands-on lab "Forschungsreise" many exciting experiments await you.

Volcano Augustine, Alaska, photo courtesy of U.S. Geological Survex, McGimsey, Game, Wikimedia Commons.

Easter holidays, 13 - 28 April, 10 am - 5 pm and
Ascension 30 May - 2 June and
Whitsun holidays, 8 - 16 June, 10 am - 5 pm

The search for the secret mineral code

Good noses watch out! Hints and tricky questions are hidden throughout the exhibition. At the Minerals Generator you can see if you have found the right code. If the generator has "spit out" you a mineral, you can determine your treasure like a real mineralogist.

Summer holidays, 6 July - 8 September, Thurs-Sun, 10 am - 5 pm

Minecraft - Little Builders

Who does not know the game Minecraft, in which you can build an infinite number of worlds - and all this with the same stones? But are they all the same? Find out and discover what's behind the intriguing mineral name in reality.

Autumn holidays, 3 - 27 October, 10 am - 17 pm

In the footsteps of great explorers

The explorer Alexander von Humboldt traveled through Siberia on a secret mission for the Tsar. Follow his footsteps and experience other great adventures from a legendary time. Head into terra mineralia and embark on a journey of discovery.

20 November - 21 December, Sat 6 pm

Family tour: at night through the museum

Get ready for a very special trip! Equipped with head lamp and UV flashlight you can explore the terra mineralia in the dark! Fluorescent minerals shine in the showcases in all colors for you and your family. In experiments, you create the phenomenon of luminescence even with pudding, eggs or the washing powder.