Guided tour with the former rector, Prof. dr. Georg Unland
on 26 January 2019, 3 pm about the mineral paradise Namibia

On the centenary of the donators' birthday Dr. dr. h.c. Erika Pohl-Ströher in the terra mineralia, permanent exhibition of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg, will be an exclusive guided tour with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Unland. On Saturday, January 26, 2019, at 3 pm, Prof. Unland, former Rector of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg, initiator and founder of terra mineralia, former Saxon Minister of Finance and even a passionate collector of minerals, will guide interested guests through the collection of the donator from Saxony.

Dr. Erika Pohl-Ströher (18.01.1919 - 18.12.2016) has gathered in 60 years one of the most valuable private collections in the world, which can be seen since 2008 in the Freudenstein Castle, in a modern designed exhibition and since then lured almost one million visitors from near and remote. Although Erika Pohl-Ströher has collected the finest minerals from around the world, one of her favorites was the former mine in Tsumeb, Namibia. From here you will find fascinating minerals of outstanding quality, size and color that will delight laymen as well as connoisseurs. These include e.g. Azurite, Anglesite, Dioptase, Mimetesite, Smithsonite and many other colorful treasures. The donor himself visited the land, famous for its rich mineral treasures, several times, bringing together a substantial collection of minerals.

Also Prof. Georg Unland is a connoisseur of Namibian sites. As a collector of minerals, he not only acquired minerals locally but also searched for them himself. Prof. Unland visited active and disused mines, talked to local miners and was able to get a very detailed picture.

Anyone wishing to take part in the guided tour is kindly requested to register by Tuesday, 22 January 2019, by calling 03731 394687 (until 12:30 pm) or by e-mail at There will be ten places for the tour, which will be awarded by lottery.

Last minute guided tours (no reservation needed) take place Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 am.

"Last Minute"-Tour

A tour for the spontaneous. The highlights of the exhibition without prior booking (Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 am).

Duration: 1,5 h, fee: 15.00 € (standard price)/10.00 € (reduced) per visitor

Guided tours with reservation

plus entrance fee, for up to 20 people, please book at least 3 days before planned date.

Around the world in 90 minutes (terra mineralia)

This is an entertaining as well as history-charged round tour of the exhibition from A for Ausstellungskonzept’ (exhibition concept) to Z for ‘Zepterquarz’ (sceptre quartz). This guide gives an overview of the most beautiful exhibits from every continent, the origin of the exhibition, the changeful past of Freudenstein Castle and the collector’s passion.

Duration: ca. 1.5 h, fee: 45.00 € standard price plus entrance fee of 8,00 €/person (more than 10 people); 30.00 € pupils, students and preschoolers plus entrance fee of 4,00 €/person (more than 10 students).

Through Germany in 90 minutes (Mineralogical Collection Germany at the Krügerhaus)

Get to know the most beautiful minerals from the most important discovery sites in Germany. How were they formed? Who mined them? Why were they collected? Discover Germany’s treasures within 90 minutes in the Mineralogical Collection Germany at the Krügerhaus.

Duration: 1.5 h, fee: 45.00 € plus entrance fee of 5,00 €/person (more than 10 people)

Participants: for up to 15 people

Mineralogical Collection Germany at the Krügerhaus, Minerals from Bavaria, Photo:

Gemstones and jewels

What was the social meaning of individual jewels? Who was allowed to wear which jewels? Why are diamonds seen as the most precious jewels worldwide and what is a carat? And how are jewels extracted and processed? This tour also brings you to the treasure chamber, where you can gaze at the most beautiful raw gems and jewellery.

Duration: ca. 1.5 h, fee: 45.00 € plus entrance fee of 8,00 €/person (more than 10 people)

Colours and shapes

What distinguishes the captivation of minerals? Why do they overwhelm and surprise us with so many different colours and shapes? What causes those colours and shapes? At the end of this guided tour you will understand the science behind this beauty.

Duration: ca. 1.5 h, fee: 45.00 € plus entrance fee of 8,00 €/person (more than 10 people)

Minerals in everyday life

Detergents, TV, car … What do those things have in common? They contain minerals. This exciting tour explains what minerals those are, how they are processed and what characteristics take advantage of. You will see your daily grind with new eyes.

Duration: ca. 1.5 h, fee: 45.00 € plus entrance fee of 8,00 €/person (more than 10 people)

Mineral raw materials - a new mining clamour or apocalyptic mood?

What does a meteorite impact 2 bn. years ago have in common with the modern production of raw materials? What do beer drinkers at a party have in common with the zeolite group of minerals? And why is the image of mining in Germany so bad? During this tour the current issues regarding raw materials will be discussed.

Duration: ca. 2.5 h (lecture and guided tour), fee: 60.00 € plus entrance fee of 8,00 €/person (more than 10 people).

Everything comes from the mountains

The birth of new sciences: Geology and mineralogy are their most important representatives at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg and the interaction between theory and practice... You will learn how everything in Freiberg began, which minerals and elements were discovered here and how terra mineralia was involved.

Duration: ca. 1.5 h, fee: 45.00 € plus entrance fee of 8,00 €/person (more than 10 people)

Architectural tour

What are hoods and what is their function? Why are the walls at Freudenstein Castle so colourful and why is the lift just pink? How is that connected to Cranach's paintings? Minerals not only play a role as exhibits at Freudenstein Castle – they are part of an architectural concept. The changeful history of the castle and the use of mineral substances in buildings and architecture are explained during this architectural tour as well.

Duration: ca. 1.5 h, fee: 45.00 € plus entrance fee of 8,00 €/person (more than 10 people)

At the entrance visitors are welcomed by a pink-violett of the mineral amethyst.

Quick trip to the treasure chamber

The treasure chamber presents precious stones, meteorites and magnificent as well as large-sized samples from all over the world. This tour may be ideal if you are short of time.

Duration: ca. 45 minutes, fee: 25.00 € plus entrance fee of 8,00 €/person (more than 10 people)

Programmes for disabled persons

A special programme has been developed in order to present the beauty and variety of minerals to blind people and visually impaired people. So, it is not only possible to touch stones but also to smell and to hear them. In addition, there are elucidations on crystal faces and the development as well as use of minerals.

Short trip Saxony

What treasures are hidden in our homeland? Where are the most famous mineral discovery sites and what makes them so special? Learn more about Saxon minerals, their deposits as well as the close link with the history of Saxony and the mining industry until today. This tour takes place at the Mineralogical Collection Germany at the Krügerhaus.

Duration: max. 1 h, fee: 30.00 € plus entrance fee of 5,00 €/person (more than 10 people)

Round tour of Asia and Australia, America, Africa and Europe

You are interested in Chinese fluorites or African vanadinite samples? During this tour, you choose one continent and we show you their loveliest treasures.

Duration: ca. 45 minutes, fee: 25.00 € plus entrance fee of 8,00 €/person (more than 10 people)

American hall, Photograph: Wolfgang Thieme.

Study trip for mineralogists

Expert talk between specialists – a guided tour with a scientist or the curator of the exhibition, Andreas Massanek.

Duration: ca. 2 h, fee: 60.00 € plus entrance fee of 8,00 €/person (more than 10 people)

Guided tours with museum’s staff only.
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